Formulating Design Solutions through Advanced Materials Innovation.

From our state-of-the-art facility in Bay City, Michigan, our team of experienced engineers and chemists formulate high-performance structural composites that are transforming the industries we serve around the globe.

From bullet trains and next-generation commercial aircraft to cutting edge Lamborghini and Dodge Viper high-performance sports cars, game changing sporting goods components to specialized military applications, we collaborate with our customers to deliver highly engineered solutions, leveraging our advanced materials technology.

The pedigree of our materials has been proven in demanding environments ranging from High-Temperature / High-Pressure oil & gas applications to sub zero military conditions and jet fuel soaked aircraft secondary structures.

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Quantum Composites is best known for the high-strength, high-temperature Engineered Structural Composites® (ESC®) developed and manufactured for use in demanding structural applications and environments.

Our advanced and proprietary materials allow designers the freedom to conceive and develop complex, three-dimensional solutions at a lowered cost compared to parts fabricated with traditional composites or metals. ESC® materials empower design solutions that provide improved weight-to-strength performance compared to metals and conventional composite approaches.

Nothing motivates us more than seeing our customers succeed. When high-speed trains reduce weight and improve efficiency, when helicopters improve lift and durability, when commercial aircraft lower their operating cost, when you drive the golf ball further and straighter, we take pride in helping our customers achieve their goals.

Quantum supports its advanced material innovations with world-class technical expertise and project management developed over 30 years with proven success.

As part of the Composites Group

... our customers can take advantage of a full-range of integrated composite solutions from materials analysis and prototyping through production, finishing and assembly.

No other company possesses our combined capabilities in design engineering, compounding, molding, machining, finishing, coating, assembly and program management of sophisticated thermoset composites.

The Composites Group, based in North Kingsville, Ohio, is the leader in the conversion of metal products to reinforced composites, providing innovative engineered solutions in partnership with customers worldwide.

The Composites Group – Shaping the World with Composites – offers the combined resources of three solution-based companies with market-proven expertise and vertical integration of core capabilities of Premix, Inc., the largest North American developer, formulator and manufacturer of thermoset compounds and custom molded components. Hadlock Plastics offers multiple molding technologies as well as precision machining, complete finishing and complex assembly. Quantum Composites specializes in the development, formulation and manufacturing of high-performance Engineered Structural Composites® (ESC®).