High-Performance Automotive:

Quantum Composites carbon fiber and glass fiber materials have been designed into various renowned high-performance automotive platforms. The advantages offered by Quantum’s carbon fiber advanced molding compounds (AMC®) in net shape compression molded parts has enabled vehicle designers to capitalize on the high stiffness, weight reduction and part count reduction benefits derived from AMC-8590 chopped carbon fiber vinyl ester ESC® material.

High-performance platforms utilizing ESC® materials include the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Dodge Viper and other global auto applications. Additional platforms with our materials are currently being released or are in development in Asia, Europe & North America.

Higher Volume Automotive:

Polyester and vinyl ester glass reinforced materials such as QC-7753, QC-8770 and QC-8777 have been used in mainstream automotive applications such as heat shields, fuel vapor canister brackets, radiator brackets & sunroof drainage channels. Weight reduction and parts consolidation, as well as reduced tooling cost, continue to drive interest and use of our composite materials in this market.


Rail applications include locomotive switchgear applications using glass reinforced vinyl esters and window surrounds using carbon fiber vinyl ester on high-speed bullet trains where the cumulative weight savings per train set is substantial.