Quantum Composites ESC® provide multiple benefits in a wide variety of general manufacturing, machinery, chemical, process, electrical and construction applications.

The excellent insulating properties of Lytex and vinyl ester fiberglass materials provide a valuable alternative to material selection and to the design of structural parts in power generation and electrical transmission and distribution applications.

The advantages of corrosion resistance combined with weight reduction facilitate compression molded high-strength parts solutions in various process and chemical applications. This results in lower installation, operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional metallic approaches.

Weight reduction, insulation and good energy absorption and impact characteristics make our fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester materials a game changer in power tool applications.

The challenges presented by industrial machinery from fast moving machine parts, elevated temperatures and robotics can be met with carbon and glass fiber ESC® materials.

Self-lubricating bearings in our carbon fiber polyimide materials reduce operating and maintenance cost and eliminate contamination associated with traditional lubricants such as grease. Substitution of metallic bushings in materials such as bronze, provide added value in terms of reduced maintenance plant down time.

Examples of industrial applications include:

  • Valve bodies - Chemical & Process Industries
  • High-strength electrical switches and insulators
  • Springs - Industrial, Furniture
  • High-temperature (600°F) load bearings - Steel Mills & Beverage Cans
  • Circular Saws - Composite base
  • Couplings - Drive equipment

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