Quantum Composites materials have been widely used in commercial, military, general aviation and rotary aircraft applications for the past 20 plus years.

Lytex® epoxy glass and carbon fiber reinforced materials have been specified and used by many of the major aircraft manufactures and prime contractors.

Lytex® epoxy materials carry various global OEM and prime contractor material specifications and are used extensively in commercial aircraft, jet engines, rotary and military aircraft and general aviation applications. In military and defense applications Lytex part solutions are prevalent on platforms and systems provided by the majority of leading defense prime contractors.

Other variations of Lytex® that have been developed, include fire retardant, extended shelf life and reduced density versions.

Lytex® 4149 and 4197 chopped carbon fiber epoxy materials developed for aerospace applications have seen increased usage as the composite content in aircraft continues to grow. These materials also carry specifications with a number of key aerospace OEMs.

Lytex® materials provide net shape compression molded solutions in tertiary and secondary structures. Metal substitution weight reduction, cost reduction and prevention of galvanic corrosion are key benefits derived from compression molded Lytex®. In addition, molded Lytex® parts solutions enable cycle time and cost reduction over layup prepreg processing.

Phenolic materials provide the advantages of net shape compression molding along with enhanced temperature, flame smoke and toxicity performance, making them well suited to aircraft interior applications.