Quantum Composites ESC® phenolic materials are available in a variety of configurations with fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcement and a range of phenolic resins, fillers and additive combinations, tailored to the requirements of specific industries and applications.

Phenolic ESC® materials are designed to meet some of the most demanding technical performance requirements. Outstanding dimensional stability and resistance to creep and static loads at elevated temperatures are combined with the advantages of compression molded complex three dimensional geometry in comparatively short cycle times.

These materials are suitable for transportation including interior parts solutions for commercial aircraft passenger cabins as well as mass transit applications where low flammability, low smoke density, extremely low thresholds for the generation of toxic gases and low / slow heat release are all critical requirements.

Low density offering of these materials is used extensively in molding with polyaramid honeycomb cores in aircraft interior. Solutions can be co-molded with phenolic prepreg to dramatically reduce finishing costs of style line, radii and other geometric variations or on a standalone basis.

Higher glass or carbon fiber content grades are suitable for interior structure for aircraft as well as various parts solutions in high-temperature / high-pressure environments in industrial and oil & gas applications.

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