The AMC® 8500 family of materials is designed for structural applications requiring high stiffness and high strength, particularly open- and filled-hole tension and compression. This material system is specifically designed for compression molding of complex geometries, where traditional laminated prepreg solutions are not as cost- and weight-effective.

AMC® 8500 ESC® (Engineered Structural Composite) is a snap cure Vinyl Ester resin system specifically designed for advanced Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) applications. With this hybridized resin system we are able to impart the quick processing and long shelf life of traditional unsaturated polyester resin, while retaining the high strength, toughness and environmental resistance of epoxy resin.

The AMC® 8500 discontinuous fibers consist of various materials offerings with varying fiber length and carbon fiber tow size. The AMC® 8593 system offers the highest mechanical properties and lowest variability of the family.

AMC®-8590-12CFH, Quantum's first hybrid carbon fiber material is the newest addition to the AMC-8500 ESC® series. The hybrid material offers the performance benefits of carbon fiber at a cost similar to high-performance fiberglass. It is easily moldable, delivering parts that are high strength, low density, and resistant to fatigue.

The workhorse of the family is the AMC® 8590 12K fiber system, which is designed for standard structural applications.

Unidirectional (AMC® 8595) and Fabric (AMC® 8575) carbon fiber materials are designed to be utilized in conjunction with the random chopped material to selective and locally impart increased mechanical performance or damage resistance. They can also be used as stand-alone products.